A cold spring made for a slow start in 2018 for Cyra’s farm. However, once the Narragansett hens started laying their eggs we were able to hatch the same numbers we had last year. We sold out last year, and we appreciated all the positive feedback from our customers! 

We raise these turkeys to help preserve the heritage breed and to provide humanly raised, organic and grass-fed turkey’s. This means a lot of hard work and expense. We are grateful for those who understand and support the importance of eating and having available real, locally raised and grown, quality food.

Cyra our anatolian sheppard continues to keep away all the predators – coyote’s, fox and fisher cats. She continually patrols the fence boarder all night long if she scents anything suspicious. Cyra keeps an eye on the sky too for hawks and gets very upset about the occasional hot air balloon.